About Infonegoce

Created in 1999, Infonegoce is a French company, with facilities in Paris , in Mougins (Southern France), and partners in the USA and in Asia

Who we are

Within the Telecom second-hand market, we offer our expertise to provide our clients the best and fastest outsourcing solutions for obsolete or hard-to-find equipment, with a quick delivery.

We are strongly committed to maintaining our activities environmentally friendly and upholding all environmental regulations. All recycling of the waste is done in full compliance with environmental legislation and regulations.

We have been ISO14001certified for 12 years and will continue to maintain our status as an environmentally responsible company.

What we do

We extend the life of Telecom equipment by implementing our extensive testing and refurbishing process.

This process has earned us the reputation of having top notch technical expertise in testing and refurbishing second-hand telecom equipment.

We buy back obsolete equipment and overstocks from the major end-users throughout Europe. Offering comprehensive handling from collection of the goods to their resale for a second life or their recycling if beyond repair.

One single line on the invoice and the guarantee that your equipment is handled properly, according to the legislations and out of respect for our planet.

As per asset recovery, we offer a simple and comprehensive solution to get rid of your decommissioned equipment or surplus assets.

As per sourcing IT-parts or network maintenance, you can rely on us to deliver huge quantities of genuine, tested equipment, at the best price and on very short notice. For the recycling, we manage the end of life of all equipment, sorting and keeping all components that can be use again

How do we work ?

Next, we sort out the units that still hold value and have them tested by our team of engineers. Damaged units as well as units with no market value are responsibly recycled.

For the recycling, we do in-house the dismantling and sale the components only to ISO14001 certified partners.

All the units that will be sold, are audited, fully tested and put through our refurbishing process, making them « As good as New ».

In the last 15 years, we have developped our own fully automated testing program that allows us to test up to 40 units simultaneously.

Finally, depending on the needs, we can either bulk pack or individually box the equipment.

Our Team

Our team is made up of dedicated and determined people who truly care about their responsibilities. This creates an environment in which everyone is working together to advance on a daily basis. Team members share several responsibilities to help optimize our processes and find the best solutions when problems occur.

This doesn’t mean we forget the importance of enjoying what we do and who we do it with. Being that our headquarters are in the French Riviera, we never miss the opportunity to enjoy lunch outside in the sunshine, especially when our colleagues from around the world are in town.